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How to Enroll

It's never too early to start planning for your retirement dreams, and Kern County is pleased to offer a Plan to help you capture those dreams.

The Kern County 457 Deferred Compensation Plan allows you to supplement your Kern County retirement and pension benefits and expand your opportunities when you retire. If you start contributing just a small amount today, you will begin accumulating money to help make more of your retirement dreams come true.

Your Plan offers a broad range of investment options, allowing you to build an account uniquely suited to you. Empower Retirement provides the account services, access, and resources you'll need to conveniently manage your account and help you make educated saving and investment decisions.

Many Kern County employees have benefited from the 457 Deferred Compensation Plan. We believe your experience will match theirs.

Prior to enrolling, you will need to review the Memo of Understanding below so you are aware of the risks involved in investing. By enrolling online, you agree with the Memo of Understanding.

“Initial Memorandum of Understanding”

The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding is to assure that you fully understand certain provisions contained in the Kern County Deferred Compensation Plan (Plan). Please refer to the Plan Document located on our website for all provisions contained in the Plan.
I understand and acknowledge the following:

  1. I have read and understand the Plan Document and know that it is located on the Treasurer-Tax Collector's website at www.kcttc.co.kern.ca.us.
  2. I understand that a trust has been established for the exclusive benefit of Eligible Employees and their beneficiaries in accordance with Code §457(g); no part of the corpus or income of the trust shall revert to the Employer.
  3. I understand the following about the Plan investment options:
    1. The investments are not insured by the FDIC and are not a deposit or other obligation nor guaranteed by any bank.
    2. The investments are subject to risk, including price fluctuations and the possibility of principal loss.
    3. Investment exchanges or transfers may result in a loss of principal.
    4. The investments are subject to management fees and expenses.
  4. I understand, as an employee of Kern County, that my contributions to the Plan will be made on a bi-weekly basis through payroll deductions.
  5. I understand that my contributions during a taxable year may not exceed the lesser of:
    1. Applicable dollar amount in accordance with Code §457(e)(15) providing for contribution limits.
    2. 100% of the Participant's Includible Compensation limit.
  6. I will comply with current IRS regulations (under IRC Code §457 in reference to the Plan Document) and with all federal and State laws.
  7. I understand, as an employee of Kern County, that I may not take a distribution from my account prior to severance from service except as provided in the Plan Document. Non Kern County employees have no greater rights in the plan than the employee. Please refer to the Plan Document for further details regarding non-employee participants.

To enroll online, click on Let's Get Started to the right and follow the directions.

You will need a Personal Identification Number4 (PIN). If you do not have a PIN, call the voice response system at (800) 701-8255.3 While enrolling, you will have the opportunity to create a personalized username and password.

3 Transfer requests received on business days prior to close of the New York Stock Exchange (1 p.m. Pacific time or earlier on some holidays or in other special circumstances) will be initiated at the close of business the same day the request was received. The actual effective date of your transaction may vary depending on the investment option selected.

4 The account owner is responsible for keeping the assigned PIN confidential. Please contact Empower Retirement immediately if you suspect any unauthorized